Permanent make up is beneficial for you, if you:

- are allergic to cosmetics
- wear classes or contact lenses
- have sparse or half eye brows
- have sparse lashes
- have vision problems or arthritis
- have alopecia
- want make up that won't smear off



Eyebrows define facial features by bringing balance to the face. Permanent eye brows create fullness and more defined line and shape to the thin or sparse eyebrows. The arch of your eyebrows express your mood and can even make you look younger.


Imagine smudge free eyeliner even after exercising, swimming and everyday activities. Your lashes will appear thicker and your eyes more defines with the application of a fine, natural line on your upper and lower lash line. Permanent eyeliner is ideal if you wear contacts, have allergies, eye problems or simply need to save time.


Permanent lips create perfect size, shape and color. The color ranges from natural llip tones to the most fashionable shades that compliment your skin tone. It can even correct a crocked lip line or minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Scars and camouflage

Other areas of benefit are corrective cosmetic tattoing and camouflaging. These areas include areola*, nipple*, scars* resulting from burns and plastic surgery.



Myong has over 18 years of experience working with permanent make up.

Eyebrow microblading:  $500 (cash), $600 (credit card)    
Upper eye liner:  $300 (cash), $350 (credit card)
Lower eye liner:  $300 (cash), $350 (credit card)
Upper and lower eye liner:  $500 (cash), $600 (credit card)
Lip liner:  $500 (cash), $600 (credit card)
Full lip:  $700 (cash), $800 (credit card)
Beauty mark:  $100 (cash), $120 (credit card)

There is no fee for the first touch up within 90 days of the initial procedure.

*Areola, nipple, and scars require consultation.


“I love going to Myong !  Her work is amazing.  She is so precise.  My permanent eyebrows and eye liner look great" - Pam B.

“I came in for permanent make up for my eye liner.  Myong did such a good job !  I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it is to wake up in the morning and feel beautiful with my eye liner on.  My eyes were previously very tired looking, and I always just looked worn out.  After getting my permanent eye liner,  I definitely do not have to feel like that anymore.  Myong is very talented.  She does my hair too, and I definitely recommend her services !” - Jeanette K.